Saturday, December 13, 2008

Water worries

3 years ago we were waiting for Luke to be born (he was expected on the 10th & arrived joyously on the 15th). This time around we are waiting for rain.

While filling the sink to wash the dishes late Friday afternoon, the tap sputtered and let out some rather bottom-of-the-barrel looking water… and a few disappointing taps on the tanks later confirmed the bad news…no water…no toilet…Luke’s birthday party 2 days away…& no rain sight…

Well what to do but pray? And call in your friends to help pray for rain.

Early this morning (Saturday) I woke to the sounds of a diesel engine rumbling on the driveway. My dapper knight in shining armour/husband managed to source a forestry local who was filling our tanks at a very gratifying rate. I am delighted at the prospect of being able to have a nice warm bath before Luke’s birthday, give him a wash and cook the pots of macaroni I had planned!

And our secret-agent water purveyor informed me that a cold front is on its way on Monday, so Luke’s birthday might bring a big present for all of us.

Please keep praying, it seems to be working…