Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Settling in

This past weekend marked our official homecoming as we celebrated with a house warming festival – a marathon weekend party with some guests staying over in tents and others crashing on couches and the even the office floor! It was a sheer delight to welcome all our new friends and neighbours to our Space of Love.

Although we missed the presence of now distant loved ones, it was amazing to have a congregation of our new community – we are truly blessed to have accumulated such beautiful relationships in 2 short years. And our fellow tree-hugging bohemian neighbours make us feel right at home!

The party ranged from dancing to the tunes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, to monochord and singing bowl sound journeys, constant camp fires and golf on the lawn (where we actually aim at hitting the ball into the dam – things are all a bit different on Farm 119!). We even had sweet saxophone sounds drifting over the forest late Saturday night…

At times I just revelled in sitting back and watching our new life unfold with this party (hopefully the first of many), signalling the kick-off.

Next will be Luke’s birthday at the beginning of December, followed by the holiday rush and some potential woofers who want to stay for 2 months. We’ll grab Chunkie (our revered builder) before he runs off for the holiday to install some shower doors and the Morso fireplace (which has started to rust in the container where it’s been waiting for a house for past 18 months!). Then we’ll be ready for Season…

You’re welcome to visit!

What I did not mention in this portion is the additional of puppy no 2: a 5 month old Jack Russell/Daschund combo named Fettucini, adopted from the Animal Welfare. Mushroom & Fettucini are a very vibrant pair and delivered a half decomposed monkey/baboon to our front door a few days ago! We had originally thought the dogs (and children) smelled foul due to kakiebos (a bad smelling weed), only to discover a few hours later that they were covered in dead monkey! Needless to say, much washing ensued…

Our next wildlife adventure came in the form of a baby puffadder which was found in Kevin’s make-shift generator room. It lived in a bottle on the kitchen counter for a day and was released only once Kevin had had his way with it (photographically speaking). This is snake season….

Then yesterday we found a scorpion while gardening….I am slowly becoming more accustomed to the great outdoors and all God’s creatures!

On the gardening side, we have some peas which will be ready for harvest soon (planted by our woofers), as well as beans, lettuce, spinach and herbs. What percentage will constitute the baboons’ share is still to be discovered, but the dogs are helping to deter them somewhat (sometimes assisted by Luke bagging a pot with his toy hammer!).

Mila is performing in her ballet concert this weekend (so there has been much excitement, rehearsals etc.) and she insists on wearing her new school uniform to school (although she is only required to wear it next year when she moves up to Grade 1). Luke is having his 4th birthday party next week…they are both well and happy.

We’ve decided have piercing/tattoo Christmas presents this year: Mila is having her ears pierced & Kevin & I will get some tattoos - Luke will be the witness.

Season is almost upon us – lots of friends and loved ones will be sharing our beautiful space, star gazing on our container roof deck and helping chase baboons away.

Happy holidays!