Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend on the Farm

The weekend started on a particularly exciting note: a “Knit-a-Thon” at the kids’ school! What a delight to knit with a crowd of about 50 moms (and one dad) while the school kids entertained us with music and dancing – all in aid of a Rotary project to make blankets for the needy. A signal that the hand crafts of the past are making a comeback? I hope so…

We also welcomed the arrival of our first American “WWOOFER” on Friday: Erin is a 32 year old writer from San Francisco who has spent the last 14 months travelling through Africa while writing a selection of short stories – we eagerly await reading about ourselves in the Farm 119 chapter! So far she has been painting window frames, washing dishes (yeah!) and playing Snakes & Ladders with the kids. It promises to be another wonderful encounter with one of our world wide community of like-minded souls.

The weekend weather was wonderful (albeit rain-less) and felt more like early summer than early winter. We attended back-to-back children’s parties on Saturday and the kids found vuvuzela’s as part of their treasure hunt at the second party – needless to say the neighbour has become a pretty noisy place (but at least we now have something yellow for the soccer world cup!)

Saturday afternoon saw Kevin riding his bicycle around the neighbourhood in an effort to find a rugby-watching-party: apparently there were 2 exciting games taking place…but to no avail. (Quite a sad sight!) I believe we won the first game as there was the distant sound of jubilation from the nearby coloured township, but of the second game we have yet to learn the score. (I have since heard that we won both…) Not that Kevin’s that much of a rugby fan – maybe he was just trying to run away from the vuvuzela’s!

On Sunday we had a delightful tea party with family and discovered guavas on our trees! The kids even went out in the dark with torches to go and pick guavas for their dinner (and of course Mila had to be rescued from the tree when she got stuck). We can be sure that the luscious fruit will attract our friends the baboons…