Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We have just re-emerged from a family flu hibernation period and I am happy to report that our friendly and trusty builder Chunky has returned to wave his magic hammer. We now have almost half a bathroom and a flushing indoor toilet is within sight!

Our renowned solar energy expert and self-sufficiency guru, Mr R has also installed an impressive looking machine which should enable us to charge the batteries with the generator and this will hopefully enable us to live and work on the farm – quite bizarre that our future home can hinge on this piece of engineering.

The plan is (currently) to finish the little bathroom and continue to enclose the double carport into our new living quarters. I’m still trying to get my head around 4 people in 50 square metres in what promises to be the ultimate exercise in contraction. Luckily we have 1.7 hectares of “outside” and summer’s on its way….

My mom’s ashes were buried in a lovely ceremony around the roots of our family tree (a “Liquid Amber” which is apparently from the US). Rather fitting as the US is where she did her hypnotherapy and Reiki training (this is also where she was ordained as a priest into the Order of Melchizedek, enabling her to register as a marriage officer and officiate at our wedding). Mila tried balloons to the branches which are covered with little buds which we eagerly await.

The day after the burial would have been her 60th birthday and our beloved Earth Mother blessed us with rain as soft, consistent and penetrating as a mother’s hug. So I was able to have a luxurious and relaxing hot bath as a birthday present on her behalf which we both enjoyed thoroughly.

All is fine at work, the kids are happy at school – Mila loves her horse riding and Luke recently discovered boxing (which he practices on all of us). We are looking into getting a dog/s and/or horse/s once we are on the farm, but in the meantime our hamster is happy being the sole family pet. Kevin’s work is also going well – he got a bit of city buzz on a recent trip to Johannesburg and might soon be off to the Seychelles for a week to photograph a fancy hotel…I am green with envy! But then I am a "greeny"...