Monday, April 20, 2009

Pesach pests

In keeping with our Jewish roots, we had our own pests to deal with this Pesach: head lice (apparently quite a plague in town at the moment). This recurring infestation which has caused a great deal of anguish to the children (especially Mila with her mass of thick, curly hair). So when they phoned me again on Friday to tell me that the children are infected, I decided to take some drastic action…we all shaved our heads!

I look quite funky, Luke looks naughtier than he is & Mila is sporting a new boyish charm. I’m sure we’ll be able to make a statement at the upcoming Gay Pride Pink Loerie parade if we all go in drag!

And we’ve had 30 mm of rain in the 2 days since we became a family of skin heads…interesting things happen when you shave your head.

Kevin is in Jo'burg on business for a few days, but will certainly take a picture of us when he returns.

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